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Hey everybody, I’m a close personal friend of Skyler’s, and the inspiration for the Jeff character on Clarence. I lived with Skyler for three years. I took the photo of him at the top of the cartoon brew article. Point being, I feel like I’ve seen a part of this story that not many are privy to….

As someone who has dealt with mental illness both in myself and with members of my family, and as someone who has been watching Skyler continuously dig himself into a hole, I’m glad this is being talked about. I know people will be upset, but the goal of this is not to be stigmatizing for other people with mental illnesses. There are thousands of people with mental illnesses who would never hurt a fly. However, just like you can’t generalize that EVERYONE with a mental illness assaults other people (sexually or otherwise), you also can’t generalize that everyone with mental illnesses do not. Some people do shitty things regardless of a mental illness.

I’m not using his illness as an excuse, I’m not minimizing his actions in any way shape or form. It’s still a despicable thing that Skyler did (both this time and times before). However, people need to know what else has been going on. Skyler was put in a position of having his own show, let the power go to his head, and was completely unable to emotionally handle the pressure. He has had episode after episode, and the studio did not know how to handle it. They eventually took him off most creative  aspects of the show, but not entirely. The first time he was hospitalized, hardly anything was changed when he came back. They just assumed that since he was out of the hospital, that it meant he was “cured.” I was LIVID. No mental illness magically gets “cured.” But because there is such a stigma around mental disorders, nobody higher up knew how to deal with it. That’s a problem. 

I think it’s terrible that this happened to Emily. Awful. I hate that it took this happening for the studio to fire him. As a woman in animation (hell, just the world), I know what it’s like to not feel safe in your environment.  My heart goes out to her and the position she is in right now, so hard.

However, now that information is public about the things that have been happening, Skyler’s mental state needs to be discussed as well. Hearing about this instance has been so difficult for everyone involved on a level outside of this assault. All of Skyler’s other close friends and family, many people who worked on the show, many other people in the studio have all been affected by this for months, years even. It’s important that people know that this has been happening too. This assault instance is the tip of the iceberg of a whole series of incidents over the last few years, and hopefully by talking about it we can raise awareness so things like this don’t happen in the future.

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